Sorry .

Even though like no one ever reads this except for maybe me and my cat (Mr.Whiskers) i have neglected my blog over the last like 5 months and I’m totally ashamed ūüė¶¬†

NO more excuses for not writing on this,

my English prof told me to ¬†express my feelings with,well,more feeling so anyway I’m back ready to express with all my hearts content¬†

Much love,

Katy P.


Drum rolls please.. Announcing the arrival of my KINDLE :D

I was skeptical at first. But i must admit the Amazon Kindle is ah-mazing. No more carrying around books you can have so many on this lil handy thing.

So of course the first books i download areThe Hunger Games and Harry Potter.

Its great having multiple books at the touch of a button.

Also i won’t give too much away if you have one go onto menu and check out the experimentals ūüėČ

I’m off now to finish reading¬†MockingJay¬†

Mwah Mwah

Katyy P

iPads,Festivals and Oh so interesting people

I am loving the whole outdoor festival thing this year. whether its the excuse to go buy some¬†gorg wellies or meeting some um¬†new and interesting¬†people ūüėČ .

Recently I went to T in the Park. Snow Patrol,Florence,Noel Gallagher¬†may i say anymore? The Atmosphere was buzzing and the crowd¬†unbelievable. I will surely not forget those 3 days anytime soon. I think everyone teenager/young adult should be saving up for these events instead of buying the latest IPad and what not. Not saying iPads aren’t¬†oh so tempting. But seriously with Christmas coming up(I know i dare say it) but its true spend your summer outside and having fun. Trust me when i say there will be plenty of one-on-one time with your iPad in the next coming months.

Anyway as much as fun as writing this is,its a beautiful summers eve, and I for one plan to enjoy it!

Now,so should you.

Much Love,

Katy P

28 days to go…

So today and yesterday I went to the cinema !

Yesterday i finally went to see that new Avengers while i didnt really pay too much attention to the oh my are those superheroes attractive ūüėČ The Battle Scenes were also¬†Ah-mazing.¬†

Today-Snow White And The Huntsmen.

Honestly didn’t think I’d be into it.Wrong!

I looooooved it ! Chris Hemsworth ..Seriously¬†need i say anymore.¬†Defiantly ¬†one to go see if your lazy ass hasn’t gone to the cinema to see it

btw is a good site to watch these newly¬†released movies ūüôā¬†

¬†¬†Anyway I’ll tell you more of my summertime adventures next time ..the cinema really is tiring.

Feel Free to share some of your summertime stories ūüôā

Much love,

Katy P this thing on

Well the first month of summer is now over and you know what I’ve done nothing.

 Absolutely nothing.How depressing is that..1/3 of my summer vacation is gone.

So what to do now is the question?

apart from shopping and finding some amazeballs bargains I have nothing to show for the month of June.

A change is in order me thinks! any of you feeling the same?

An epic 31 days of July .

I plan to make the most of everyday and I’m going to record everything here.

So let the countdown begin.

Cupcakes,Rainy Days and Mistakes

Another rainy day upon me, so i’m left boarded up inside thinking of what to do.

 I think a gossip girl marathon is in order. Anyone else like some cosy slippers, popcorn the whole shabaang and of course season 1-3 of GG

Now before I go to watch some GG there is a funny ass website you all have to check out.

So that’s all for now

Au Revoir


So where to start?

So all these blogs all have a certain theme, a certain topic. I’ve been here trying to narrow down to one. But i can’t it seems impossible to do so. How can i choose between books,movies,fashion,yummy food,and even¬†nature¬†at it’s best. So now my blog doesn’t have a particular topic, it has any topic. Like when I’m using instagram(my¬†absolutely favourite app of all time) and spot something cute,I’ll¬†probably write around it.

So now brace yourself because baby I’m in this for the long haul.Here you will find me expressing my deepest fears and my highest ambitions. You will see me tell ¬†tales of my upcoming summer adventure. I’ll be sharing my tips on how I make day-to-life that much better,and perhaps you’ll be giving me tips too.¬†

Anyway time for me to bid adieu for now, as the late hours are upon me

Until Next Time,

Much Love